Determining if the Cane Corso is Right for Your Family

Written by: accorso

October 18, 2017

Categories: Care Preparation for New Pup Training Tips

  Is the Cane Corso Breed Right for Your Family? The Cane Corso breed has become a highly popular dog breed in the last decade, largely due to its’ quality attributes among which are a...

Pup Training Tips

Written by: accorso

May 23, 2017

Categories: Training Tips

Getting your first Cane Corso is an exciting time. However, it’s natural to encounter concerns when introducing a new member to the family. We’ve compiled a list of some pup tips to make the transition...

Preparing for Your New Cane Corso Pup

Written by: accorso

April 19, 2017

Categories: Preparation for New Pup

Congratulations on your new Cane Corso pup. It is clear that a Cane Corso was the Breed Fit for You. Now, it’s time to start your relationship off on the right foot…or paw. Properly preparing for...

Exercising your Large Breed Cane Corso

Written by: accorso

March 16, 2017

Categories: Exercise

With a sturdy, athletic build standing at 25 to 27.5 inches for a male and 23.5 to 26 inches for a female,  it's no wonder the AKC lists the Cane Corso as a large breed...

From Italy to America: The Cane Corso Evolution

Written by: accorso

February 20, 2017

Categories: History

Being Recognized in America The American Kennel Club, AKC, officially recognized the Cane Corso breed in 2010. Although it is fairly new to the AKC world, this is an ancient dog breed. It has roots deeply...

Americana Cane Corso Breeder Located in Urbana, Ohio

Written by: accorso

January 9, 2017

Categories: Breeders

Breeder We are Americana Cane Corso. As our name suggests, Americana is a Cane Corso (also known as Italian Mastiff) breeder. As a breeder, we’ve settled in the midst of Central Ohio. It’s just an...